Our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system Yorbody refers to a wide variety of technologies designed to manage and monitor a range of health conditions.

Yorbody can collect data actively or passively by interacting with the patient. Data can include vital signs and other physiological data, blood glucose levels, responses to specific health condition questions (SF36, …), and general health questions as well as patient location.

Data are then packaged, delivered, and received by providers, family caregivers, and third parties via different modes of communication. Algorithms and/or healthcare workers (medical call centre) review the data and determine whether there are any areas for concern.

If needed, family caregivers, clinicians, third parties or the patients themselves are notified of a potential problem through either the device itself or an intermediary health care worker. They can then take action if an intervention is needed.

qointa covers the full RPM process by providing end-to-end communication among the patient, caregivers, health care professionals and/or third parties.

Information and communication are the glue that holds the whole process together, helping to ensure successful outcomes. The process depends on accurate, complete and timely information. If valuable information is inaccessible or ignored, the ability to respond appropriately and optimize the treatment regimen can be hampered.

Physicians and clinical researchers working with patients require comprehensive and accurate data on patients on the point-of-care if they are to provide high quality health services to their patients or good data for research purposes.

Our system works the way people live, always aiming to
create positive health changes.

Check out the result of the use of our system in cardiac rehabilitation:
publication Eur J Prev Cardiol. 2015 Aug 19. pii: 2047487315602257

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