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Disease management system

The platform can serve to create disease specific medical files, especially for orphan diseases with multi system involvement or chronic diseases.

These disorders are often so rare that only few physicians are really experts. Consequently, most patients are treated by physician-non experts. By bringing the expertise in the design of the disease management system, patients and their physicians are supported to manage the disease based on the latest insights.

Due to our unique platform, it is possible to make it seamless from pretrial monitoring to eCRF and to real world efficacy and safety monitoring after the trial and the construction of a registry.

qointa, a system of coordinated healthcare interventions and communications for populations with conditions in which patient self-care efforts are significant:
  • Supports the physician or practitioner/patient relationship and plan of care,
  • Emphasizes prevention of exacerbations and complications utilizing evidence-based practice guidelines and patient empowerment strategies, and
  • Evaluates clinical, humanistic, and economic outcomes on an ongoing basis with the goal of improving overall health.

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