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Medication non-adherence reached problem-nearing pandemic proportions. One out of every two patients fails to follow physician instructions. When patients are asked why, eighty-four percent (84%) cite forgetfulness as the main reason for their non-adherence. That response is up from 64% just five years ago.

The negative effect of this non-adherence manifests itself across nearly every aspect of our lives, as evidenced by various studies citing its impact across all therapeutic areas. Besides the medical impact is also a non-neglectible economical one. Non-adherence is costing pharmaceutical companies a quarter of their annual revenues.

In our fast-paced and pressure-filled world, it’s understandable that patients often simply forget to take their medications. Recognising this, qointa created an easy-to-use web-based interface that lets the user decide what type of reminder is best.

And for many, a reminder may be all it takes.

qAdherence is an adherence solution designed to improve medication adherence and brand loyalty leading to increased revenues. Each patient’s own mobile phones and computers can be utilized to communicate and interact with them, making sure they take their medication on time, every time while collecting real time data on wellbeing and efficacy.

We think about your medication/therapy adherence.

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