qClinical is a fully Internet-based system for managing clinical trials. By contrast to existing systems developed for the same purpose. We are ideally positioned to deliver smart Patient Registries which are global, drives the patient to better care and gives accurate data to researchers.

qClinical is a universal platform that doesn’t require any reprogramming from one trial to another. Setting up an case report form (eCRF) for a medical trial becomes therefore a matter of configuring the system via online interface rather than a matter of programming.

Universal data structure and user-configurable interface allow support of eCRF with any number of subject visits, any organization of pages within a visit form, any placement of fields of different types, various user roles and specific access rights of each role to interface elements.

In addition to standard features of a modern eClinical system such as randomisation, patient diaries, alerts and patient surveys, it can directly capture point-of-care data obviating the need to introduce these data again.

We think about your clinical trials.

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