The development of new medicines is critical to improve healthcare. There are still many unmet medical needs and in the ageing world population the proportion of chronic disease is increasing rapidly.

However, the discovery and development of new medicines that are effective and safe for routine use in patients has become increasingly complex, labor intensive and challenging. This is, in part, due to the need to conduct large clinical trials that provide definitive evidence of the clinical benefits and safety of the new compound.

Specific issues include the difficulty in evaluating large patient populations (outcome research), optimizing protocol design and identifying suitable patients for clinical trials (patient registries to patient recruitment), as well as the manual and redundant re-entry of data, the reliability of data sources and the difficulty in detecting and reporting infrequent adverse events (in-life testing).

We have build over the years various excellent products that could help you today. Our focus was always on validating patient data so that each datapoint is actionable for all stakeholders in the healthcare/lifescience eco-system from caregiver to researcher.

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Our systems were capable of setting up (complex) patient registry programs where the patients could receive adherence support (treatment, medication, procedure) and get remote patient monitoring/disease management guidance when using multiple point-of-care measuring device. At any moment a clinical trial (eCase report form, eReported Patient Outcome, Randomisation, Trial Supply Management) can be initiated to investigate certain health care outcome objectives.

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