From quantified applicant to qualified employee.

We will at qointa treat our employees as
assets. Our HR policy reflects our attitude:

Life at qointa is full of interesting challenges and change is a constant. After all, we are changing the way new drugs and therapies come to market. In order to stay ready to meet those challenges we offer lots of opportunities for ongoing learning and training. We have tuition assistance, training for new hires, product training, a mentoring program and many other opportunities for learning.

Qointa recognizes that our career goals are as varied as we are. While some people want to climb the ladder, others may want to pursue a new direction or stay in a position that is "just right". Employees are encouraged to pursue their career goals within qointa. That's why you'll find a project manager who used to be a trainer, a sales representative who used to be a product manager, and a talented bunch of former interns who decided to join us after graduation.

We do work hard. But we also raise families, renovate homes, volunteer, make time for our friends, climb mountains, run marathons, paint, and play guitar. We know how important it is to take time to be with the people we care about and do the things we love. Qointa supports the kind of flexibility that lets us engage fully in our rich lives. We also offer opportunities to socialize with co-workers and have some fun such as our incentives, business trips, sport program and Friday socials.

Meaningful Work
At the end of the day, when we sit back and look at what we are doing, its hard not to be really excited about how our ideas and our work are changing the way drugs and therapies get to people who need them. Knowing that our products help get needed drugs and therapies to people who are waiting for them faster and more safely gives us a sense of purpose.

Please send your resume (CV) and a brief motivation to us