Healthcare and lifescience (clinical research) are currently going through drastic changes driven by the wealth of unqualified vital data that will be generated by patients who will be claiming their more central empowered role and by the more stringing demands of regulatory bodies.

Patient data is now fluid and constantly changing and includes such diverse data sets such as “real time’ vitals monitoring, mood, behaviour, quality of life and location which patients allow to be accessed by trusted providers at their own initiative, during the monitoring of their treatment between doctor’s visits or as a participant in a clinical research program.
Yet it was - and is - our belief at qointa that the status of technology was leaving us large margins for improvement. Yesterday's off-the-shelf solutions were not doing enough. qointa looked at the future, and decided that the best way to predict it, was to help build it with you …
a validated and trusted system to store patient data of which each data point is actionable for all stakeholders.
Rethinking healthcare and life sciences, as
qointa did, will cause a sea of change for every once life.
Every inch won in development, testing, adherence and disease management leads to considerable gains.

Doctors and patients deserve the best. That's why.
About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things.
John Appleseed