Finding and assessing clinical technology providers

How much do you know about eClinical tools such as electronic data capture (EDC?) IVRS? ePRO? Safety reporting systems? How about Inventory Management systems? Be honest now! It’s not enough simply to know what those things are - most clinical professionals do. If you need one of these technologies for your next clinical trial, do you really have the in-depth knowledge required to make informed decisions about which provider to pick? Probably not, and nor should you - most people don’t have an intimate knowledge of technology characteristics simply because it is not required except for those few occasions when a provider needs to be sought.

Do you even know all the possible providers out there? Do you really want to take days out of your schedule trying to find them and contact them? Once you’ve found them, can you afford 2-3 hours, minimum, for each single one to review their product/service offerings? Do you have an objective assessment tool prepared? Do you know the right questions to ask? Do you really want to really solely on the provider Sales Rep to help you, when their fundamental impetus is to get your business?

qointa’s business is to know and understand these things - which providers work best for what particular needs, what questions to ask, who is reliable and has a good track record, etc. As we are primarily interested in your success, and have a variety of pre-qualified providers with which we are intimate, we take all of that effort that you would have spent and turn the process into one that is rapid, cost-effective, and most likely to deliver on your goals.

Other providers you might need

How about a niche/specialist CRO? Quality Assurance? Monitors? Biostats? Regulatory Affairs? Contract Data Management? Across the board from pre-clinical through phase IV’s and registries and everything in between we know the right people for you. We apply the same pre-qualification process to providers in these fields and more to maintain a portfolio of high-quality organizations to match to your needs, circumstances and budget.

Through a rigorous process we prequalify vendors in...

Central IRBs
Specialist CROs

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