eCOA Provisioning Services

Clinical scientists have proven that collection of clinical outcome assessment (COA) data with an electronic device improves patient compliance and delivers higher quality and more reliable data.

The value of electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) data for clinical trial claims, post-marketing safety studies and patient registries has become increasingly recognized by various stakeholders, including regulatory authorities and health economics outcomes research (HEOR) experts. For example, regulatory authorities expect data from patients to be quality-ensured with electronic timestamps, attributions, and a full audit trail. HEOR experts expect to leverage studies with eCOA endpoints in time and quality, and analyse in real time across different clinical trial phases and late phase studies. And data managers expect to detect errors or data inconsistencies sooner, at time of capture, with automated data checks and rapid query response.

These trends are driving many biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to rapidly replace paper COA with electronic COA. As a result, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are modifying internal processes so eCOA data can be integrated and leveraged within all phases of eClinical activities.
Adopting an eCOA strategy and subsequently implementing it requires an effective collaboration between clinical trial teams, eCOA providers and COA experts familiar with transitions from paper-based COA data collection.

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