Helpdesk support

Our partner provides dedicated Service Desks operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to support our clients worldwide. Service contracts can be tailored to suit your business support needs. From your basic office hours coverage to full 24/7, we have the flexibility to meet your needs and budget. They also arrange secure shipping of hardware /software solutions to any location and controls the tracking, arrival and delivery of the equipment. Furthermore we provide services to ensure connectivity, configuration and path management.

Hosting support

Our partners data centers have all the resources, latest technology and direct network access - everything you need under one roof to ensure optimal performance of your solution.

Our technical specialists are experts in leading database and utilities technologies. And our automated management and monitoring systems are readily available as needed.We put them together for a flexible offering that lets you select the level of service needed to augment or replace your internal capabilities.

Marketing & software development support

Our partners take your marketing to a next level from concept to execution. They are supreme in listening to your needs and superior in realizing them.

Quality & IT support

Your quality level is our concern to keep it within the boundaries of what regulators are demanding. We help you design your quality management system or lay out a plan to become ISO certified or how to achieve a higher CMMI level. If you just want to be challenged then we can perform various audits to see where you are.

Project support

Our partners offers a wide variety of consultancy services from project management, software development management, system security assessments, to network architecture planning and assistance. At qointa we recognize that there are a wide range of technologies and solutions available in the marketplace, therefore we ensure that our consultants and technical specialists are kept up to date with the latest technologies and business practices.

Integration support

Our partner has the ability and knowledge to connect various systems through their integration services. The services range from simple communication to complete integrated solutions that are customized to the client's specifications.Our experiences are specifically targeted to systems used in the pharmaceutical industry. As part of our data capture services, clients want to visualize the data as soon as possible. Together with partners we provide solutions to visualize of the captured data as a service. Typical services include data analysis, charting, online data filtering. In addition we prepare data in any format that the client wants for further processing. Typical formats are SAS-readable data sets,and CDISC.